Safety Incentive for Truck & Trailer Manufacturers

Use our step by step guide to implement your own program.

In life and in business the behavior that is rewarded is usually repeated. In business, creating a culture of safety is essential to keeping the cost of workers' compensation as low as possible. Watch the short video and download our guide to learn ways to incentives safety which in turn will lower your workers compensation costs.

Why use our Truck and Trailer Makers Safety Incentives Guide

Incentive Plans will reward employees for a safe working environment and is a key aspect of creating as few workplace injuries as possible. If your employees know and understand a bonus will be awarded for meeting safety goals they will respond by following the rules set forth by the safety committee. Some great examples of rewards are:


1) Paying employees a safety dividend at the end of each year to pass along saved workers' compensation costs.

2) Having a drawing for an awesome piece of new technology like an Xbox after each month of operation with no employee injuries.

3) Rewarding employees is essential when big goals are met from a safety standpoint. Giving a reward when a company reaches one year with no injuries is an example. Another great example would be 15,000 or 100,000 working hours with no injuries.


Our free guide will help you to create a safety incentive plan. It is a step by step plan to make it simple and easy for any business to implement.


The download is free and we will send it directly to your inbox. Our goal is to help you create a more safe environment. We also know that the cost of an employee injury is not just limited to the cost of insurance or the deductible. There are typically between 2 and 20 times the cost of the employee injury tied up in the "soft costs" of a worker's comp claim.

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