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Co-Founder/Managing Partner
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About Truck and Trailer Makers                 The Truck Body and Trailer Industry's Preferred Experts for Risk Management, Business Protection, and Insurance Products & Services

In a sea of sameness, we bring a radically different approach to risk management and insurance to truck body and trailer manufacturers all over North America. We currently serve over 100 manufacturers just like you.


Unlike typical "insurance people" that litter the insurance industry with copying and quoting what you already have, promising to save you a little money and rarely delivering on their promises, we are simply able to accomplish things that these peddlers of insurance are not able to.


We accomplish infinitely more because our process is radically different from the traditional insurance "game". Our consultative, proprietary process, called "The Hitch Check" will inform and empower you with knowing exactly what your business actually needs to be perfectly protected in every area.


And from an insurance standpoint, our process crafts a narrative for insurance company underwriters that helps us to go buy the necessary insurance and earns you the lowest premiums that you truly deserve, based on the merit of your business.


When clients walk through our process, there’s finally peace-of-mind, knowing that your business is understood by both us, your advisor/broker, and by your insurance company, so that you aren’t left wondering if we or they really understand what you do and if you’re adequately protected.


You also never have to worry or wonder again whether or not what you’re getting is competitive because we show you the facts and math of why you pay what you pay. We consistently produce better pricing, coverage, and real results for our clients than any other brokers can, because of our process.


Simply put, we know how to better manage your company's risk, how to perfectly protect your business, and how to minimize your insurance costs. Relying on anyone else to do this for you is truly like trusting your health with an untrained physician. You've come to the right place.


Let us help you today. You’ll be glad you did, or, someday, you’ll wish you would have.


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