Are you a manufacturer of trucks and/or trailers? If so, chances are one of the big headaches you face when it comes to your commercial insurance coverage is your Product Liability insurance.

Because we specialize in insuring truck & trailer manufacturers, we understand the challenges that come with finding the best Product Liability insurance for trucking operations. We consult these businesses on a daily basis, and we hear first hand how big of a headache it can be.

Whether it be truck body insurance, trailer manufacturers insurance, or truck body product liability — we’ve got the experience and team to handle any business and any insurance situation.

Walon Smith

Walon Smith, Co-Founder of Truck & Trailermakers Insurance

That’s why we’ve quickly become the go-to insurance broker for truck & trailer manufacturers insurance across the country. When it comes to finding the best Product Liability policies, we’ve got you covered — literally.

We protect hundreds of trucking manufacturers across the country with flexible policy contracts from only the best trucking insurance carriers in the country.

What’s more, because we are an independent insurance agency, we can proactively shop your insurance to make sure you’re always paying the best possible price for the best possible coverage.

If you own a truck or trailer manufacturing operation and want a better experience when it comes to your commercial insurance, Truck & Trailermakers Insurance is the only company you need.

To get started, complete the trucking manufacturers quote intake form here and a member of our trucking team will reach out to you immediately to being the process.