The Hitch Check

An insurance review process specifically for work truck and trailer manufacturers that results in lower risk and insurance costs with extra protections for your assets and the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build.

What is 'The Hitch Check'?

The Hitch Check allows us to be radically different from the traditional insurance "game."


It is our proprietary information gathering process that, because of our industry knowledge, allows us to negotiate better on your behalf and find you the right insurance for the lowest premiums.


Because we already understand the nuances of the industry, we are able take the information you provide and develop a custom narrative for insurance underwriters. Because of that new narrative, we can better present you and the merits of your business to the underwriters. Otherwise, the underwriters are making assumptions which often leads to higher premiums.

What does a Hitch Check cover?

We can't tell you everything we do but here are some areas we cover during the Hitch Check review process unique to trailer and work truck manufacturers.

Statement of Values

Paint Systems


DOT Compliance

Product Design



Dealer Risk Transfer

Supply Interruption



Product Recalls

Supply Chain Risk


Vendor Insurance

Shut Downs

Haulers / Transport



Quality Control

Dealer Relationships

Why 'The Hitch Check'?

Working together, we develop a custom narrative for insurance underwriters that helps us represent you and the merits of your business. When finished, we both will know exactly what your business requires so you can be protected in every area. We can then negotiate to get you the right insurance with the lowest premiums.


You will never have to worry or wonder again whether the coverage you’re getting is competitive because we show you the facts and math of why you pay what you pay.


Because of our expertise and our process, we consistently produce better pricing, better coverage, and real results for our clients. Simply put, we know how to better manage your company's risk, how to perfectly protect your business, and how to minimize your insurance costs.

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