An Insurance Tip for Loading and Unloading Coverage

As a trailer manufacturer or work truck builder insurance specialist, I can tell you that loading and unloading has a huge impact on your business.

A majority of the people that are watching this video, in some way, shape, form, or fashion, have trucks or trailers that are delivered to the end-user or a dealer. They’re delivered to all different kinds of places.

Maybe they’re on your trucks. Maybe they’re on somebody else’s truck and those trucks and trailers they’re winched up onto the back of some type of wedge trailer and then the winches let loose and they’re rolled off the back of this wedge. And this may seem like a fairly simple process, but we’ve actually seen some huge, huge claims from this very scenario where a winch breaks, where somebody makes a mistake, a trailer rolls off, somebody gets hit, or somebody gets injured. It can be a big problem.

Did you know this?

One of the things that you can do to protect yourself is to have general liability, which is going to include your product liability, with the same insurance company as your auto liability. And if you do not own any vehicles at all you still need to maintain some form of auto liability insurance for this very reason.

There are two specific sections in each of these policies. One section in the general liability, and the other in the auto liability. Each is just going to talk about loading and unloading. They’re going to claim a certain portion of loading as an auto claim and a certain portion of loading and unloading as a general liability claim. I’m telling you now, they’re very gray on when it’s an auto claim and when it’s a general liability claim.

So if you’re out there you’re shopping around for insurance, if you’re just looking for the very best deal, keep this in mind. Try to have those carriers be the same if possible. The last thing that you’re ever going to want to hear is your auto insurance company saying, “Well, I think that’s a general liability claim.” and your general liability company saying, “Hey, that’s an auto claim.”

When you’re in the process of taking these trailers off, just remember, that there’s two possible claims, auto or general liability, and you don’t want them to fight each other. Make sure they’re with the same insurance company. If you have questions about that, I would love to talk with you, got a calendar link below. Let’s talk soon

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