Are you buying the right coverage? Download our guide to find out.

Building truck bodies and trailers in 2021 is hard enough without having to navigate the confusing world of insurance. One question we are asked regularly is, “How much should insurance cost?” You are probably wondering the same thing. More than that, you are probably thinking “Am I paying too much for insurance?”

Why use our Truck and Trailer Makers Insurance Guide

Most insurance salespeople would take this opportunity to tell you that “of course” you are paying too much for insurance. They will tell you to fix the problem of paying too much is to simply allow them to give you an insurance quote. This is how 80% of the insurance agents in this country work.

Truck and Trailer Makers is not your “typical” insurance broker. We are different.

We have created a system that produces results for our clients. Since starting our program in 2015 we have experienced tremendous growth. We can count on one hand how many clients have left us to seek other insurance representation. Our presence is strong. We have clients from coast to coast totaling $5,000,000 in written premium. In 2018 we were the affiliate member of the year for the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. This award from the NATM was based on our contributions to further its mission through educational excellence.

We have nothing to hide. This is why we have produced the 2021 Truck and Trailer Makers insurance buyers guide. Inside the guide, we tell you what coverages most people in the industry are going to typically purchase and at what cost. If you want to know where you fall in the range of product liability costs, look no further. We will give you a range for those rates as well as the other lines of insurance.

We hope this insurance guide makes a big difference in your business. All you have to do is complete the form and we will email your copy to you or Click here to schedule a meeting with one of our truck and trailer maker insurance experts to go over your questions you have.